Thursday, 26 June 2014

Elusive Happiness

When you start to look to things or people for your happiness, happiness will remain elusive. Having said that, I think I've been unhappy lately. I'm tired of where I am. Geographically and lifecally
( haha, I just coined a word). It's not the first time I would have this feeling. The feeling that I would go crazy if I did not change environment ASAP. Even church activities no longer provide escape. I think I might have strayed a little bit. I need to reconnect to my Source. I know this because I am starting to turn to things and people for happiness. The consequent feeling is at best, fleeting. Haha, speaking of fleeting .....that gist is one for another day. Hint - it involves an Ex.

This too shall pass. I have been through tougher times. Have I really? Does it not get tougher as I get older? But I know the storm shall pass and I shall remain standing . I picture myself standing on the sea shore, drenched to my skin, in my grecian gown with sea weed caught in my hair and dress, bare-footed. The wind is flapping behind me as the storm fades. But, I am standing. My face is bare, save the water droplets mixed with a fierce resolve. And then I smile. A weak smile that I am certain will get stronger....and brighter.

This too shall pass.

Dear All, It is Not That Serious!

So I have been meaning to do this post. I have only just gotten round to doing it.

You know how people equate fulfillment and great life achievement with getting married? When someone says single-hood is not good? That it is not good to be single, no matter the age. Everybody should go and marry, whether you are ready o, can afford it o, go and marry! Don't ever be single o. Whether you are in school o or pursuing your career. In fact, parents should marry off their kids in infancy so that they won't be caught single when they become adults, because single-hood is bad. When they will not stop talking about how you should go and marry. When they even go as childish /low as abusing you with your marital status. Can this craze stop already?

I love my Pastor, I really do but can the special prayers for 'due' singles stop too? Dear Pastor, it is not that serious. I promise. I can't help but feel that all the the talk and prayers and testimonies(good intentions notwithstanding) kinda support the notion in the first paragraph. I know they are meant to inspire or build up faith but do they really do that? Do they not unwittingly make the 'due' singles feel sorry for themselves. Do they not make them feel less than their married counterparts? Note that I have not singled out any sex here. What is so bad about being single? Whether by choice or not, ehn?

My pastor usually ends the service with prophecies and I remember when I would consciously or unconsciously answer amen to 'you shall get a proposal this week!'. Come and see now, almost every week I was getting proposals. But you see, getting proposal nor be the wahala, na the people wey dey give the proposals. While they were great in their own right, they were not great for me. Some of you will come and say I too make yanga. Thank you :p. Plus, how many men I wan marry na? My dears, I had to advice myself and stop answering amen o. When I know I'm not in a relationship. Someone will just appear from the blues and say 'marry me'. I will now gree, jus like dat. The men that tried that with me will tell you it didn't go well.

Let me not even get started on the ones who will be asking ' when is your wedding?'. As if I told them I was getting married, abi they see engagement ring for my hand. Bunch of busybodies is what they are *gives them side-eye*. Some people are just so tactless. Ahn ahn....telling me you want to see little Scarlets. Are you my grandmother? Marriage is good...yes, it is. Single-hood is good too. Even better :-D, ask Apostle Paul. Children are gifts from God. Does not mean that getting married and having kids are all there is to life. Don't even get me started on that topic.

Let me end the rant here today. I do not promise that I will not continue another day though ;).

Thursday, 19 June 2014


This is the place I live  
It's peaceful here
The only worries are those I let in
No phony friends can find me here
Life's disappointments can't reach me here  
Here, I have witty conversations with my mind
My mind........she's funny
She's naughty too
And when she's not in the mood to chat
I seek other companions
My companions........they are not always human
You see, company is the place I visit
Solitude is where I live
And I love it here                                               

Friday, 13 June 2014

Are You Ready?

Are you ready?
Everyone should answer that question every moment of their lives. Sure, you have faith that nothing bad would happen to you. It's not your time yet. When someone dies untimely, in their prime, is it their time? Death is only for your enemies, I know. But....if it happened to you today, right now, are you ready? And me, am I ready to meet my creator? My saviour? Would he be proud of me? Have I laid up treasures in heaven? Because let's face it, it does not matter how much you have achieved on earth. Once your breath ceases they stop to count.

Kefee had everything going for her after a overcoming a rough patch in her life. She had a husband who loved her. She was pregnant. She was doing well with her music and venturing into new things. None of those could save her. None of them counts where she's gone. I can only hope that she's gone to be with the Lord. That's all that matters.

Are you ready?

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Beauty Post - Eyebrows

To me, the most important make up products are eye brow pencils. Don't know if I can do without them, considering my brows are almost non-existent. At a time in my life, I could not leave my house without using eye brow pencils. It did not matter if it was 5:30 am or if I was going to work out - as I did in my university days. I was usually self-conscious of my naked eyebrows. Not without reason. I do look a little funny when I don't use eyebrow pencil. I look eyebrow-less. But I have o. They are just very light and scanty. In fact, even if I forgot to use my friend( room-mate then) would remind me.

So you can call me an 'eye brow pencil addict', hehehe. You can now understand how interested I am in drawing/shading on the perfect eyebrows, and also understand my fascination with the recent craze to first carve out/trace  the brows before filling. But you see, despite all my trials I have not quite mastered the art. Maybe I don't have the right tools, like concealer brush?
I do wonder what the fuss is about though. So if I don't do my eyebrows like that it means I don't know how to do make up or what? Does it make me old school? I have decided to show you guys a few pictures of my day to day brows. No pictures of the new type of brows becos I never learn am :).
My friend -an example of the modern eyebrows
Mua - old school?
So, I decided to show off my hair :)
Please tell, do I need to change the way I do my brows?

PS: I couldn't find any pictures of me and my natural brows :p

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Jeez It's Cold, Can I Have Some Sex, Please?

It rained heavily yesterday. I was still at work when it started. The rain was preceded by strong wind that swept sand off the ground into the faces of any one outside. With the wind, and the rain, came cold. Yes, it was cold yesterday evening. I love cold(Nigerian cold o). I'd rather be cold than hot. I detest hot weather. Cold, for me means I can either wear warm, thick clothes or that I can snuggle under a warm thick blanket in my birthday suit or in flimsy clothing.

However, I might be alone because it seems people equate cold with sexual urge. At the slightest hint of cold, the typical Nigerian man starts looking for a bed mate. Oh, and it has to be a woman. Which of course  lends a twist to the theory of preserving body heat by close contact with another body. Why does it have to be a woman, if his only problem is cold? Why not his male buddy? Why can't he just wear warm clothes and snuggle beneath a blanket? Why can't he take hot tea, or beverage, or pepper soup?

Why is sex the first thing to come to a man's mind when it starts to rain? Is this man you? Then I'd love some answers to my questions. Thanks.

Hate Kate? Never!

Look at that smile

I love Kate Henshaw. I mean really! Where do I even begin? She gorgeous. She's a great actress. She's funny. She's just fab. Have you guys seen how physically fit she looks? And, the girl can siiinnnggg. Her smile....oh dear. When she smiles I can almost hear it. When she smiles, she really smiles. She is a great dresser, has a good head on her shoulders, does not take herself too seriously. The list goes on!

Kate's natural hair in twists
 Then, just when I thought I couldn't possibly love her more, she went natural! I still remember those twists she wore for season 1 of Nigeria's Got Talent - major inspiration! Yes, she may not be perfect .....pffft, who is? I may not know her personally but hey, I love the little I know of her. Which is more than I can say for a lotta Nigerian Celebs. Make una no vex for me. Kate Henshaw is definitely one celebrity I'd like to meet. I only saw her once at Silverbird's with her lovely daughter. Kate's got herself a fan here :-). Lerra guys.